Seek that Leak!

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Seek that Leak!

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The Romanian Water Association organized its 3rd regional Leak Detection Competition this November in Drobeta Turnu Severin, Romania. 17 teams from Serbia, Hungary, Moldova and Romania gathered on the Danube border, equipped with their own portable laboratories, to find out who could track down leaks most accurately and with the greatest speed. This year the grand title went to the team from Ramnicul Valcea, Romania, which located 4 of 6 leaks with the highest precision. The annual competition helps raise awareness about the significant problem of water loss that is shared by utilities around the region, and provides a great opportunity for them to learn from one another. “After the competition, the teams always want to know, “how did they do it?” explains organizer, Silviu Lacatusu, “and this leads to some great peer learning”.


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