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the leakage game

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About The Leakage Game

What does it relate to?
· The Leakage Game relates to the water supply function of a fictitious water company with 3 different resource zones

· The information pack provides full details of the company and the issues it faces

· Each team starts the game with the company in exactly the same “condition”

· Each decision period (step) simulates the impact of the investment decision over a period of one year

How is it played?
· At each step in the process, a decision has to be made as to how much money to spend on each of a set number of activities aimed at controlling water and revenue loss

· It is not necessary to spend money in every category. Interventions include mains and service pipe replacement, active leak detection and repair, and pressure management

· These have to balanced against supply side options such as developing new water resources and treatment plants, or building desalination works, in order to avoid restrictions in water use

· Decisions are entered on a Decision Page on the web site

· A series of deadlines is set for all teams in the league to submit their decisions

How do you win the game?
· Teams take part in a league with a defined start and end of “season”

· The objective of the Leakage Game is to maximise an overall performance assessment (OPA) score from an initial set of values through a series of 7 intervention decision steps

· The OPA comprises key performance measures including, but not limited to the reported level of water loss, financial measures, and customer service measures

· The impact of decisions taken each step can add to or subtract from the OPA score

Who is it aimed at?
· It is primarily aimed at managers, engineers, and consultants working in the field of water loss management

· Although primarily aimed at Water Loss managers, it is also of interest to general managers responsible for water supply

· The game can be played by individuals, but is better suited to small teams with a variety of skills and experience, and can be used for management development and team building

How do I learn from the Game?
· Teams will see the results of their decisions in both technical and financial terms and be able to compare them to previous decisions

· Teams will have access to a comprehensive bibliography of key reference documents concerned with water and revenue loss management, financial accounts and key performance indicators


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