Bulgaria wastes more than 50% of its drinking water

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Bulgaria wastes more than 50% of its drinking water

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Bulgaria wastes more than 50% of its drinking water

Sofia. At least 50 % of the drinking water in Bulgaria is wasted, with some areas loosing as much as 80% of their potable water. Wasted drinking water levels are the lowest in Sofia, Burgas and Plovdiv, according to a report by the Bulgarian Water Association.

Though in recent years, there has been a trend towards reduction of network losses, but so far Bulgaria is far behind European water-loss levels, Bulgarian Association of Water chairman Ivan Ivanov told bTV.

In Western Europe, if water loss reaches 20%, it is considered critical and immediate steps are considered to stop the trend.

On Sunday and Monday, Sofia will host the 6th International Conference International Conference on Water Loss Reduction in Water Supply Systems. Unlike in other years, now there will be also a comparative analysis between water companies on the matter. " This is important because in this way individual operators can position themselves to see where they are compared to their competitors and look for best practices to address water losses " Ivan Ivanov said.

Ivanov recalled that part of measures to tackle the problem would be a quick modernization rehabilitation of the water system, the reduction of theft and the optimization of pressure in water supply systems.


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