Leak Detection: Technology and Implementation

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Leak Detection: Technology and Implementation

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Leak Detection
Technology and Implementation
Editor(s): Stuart Hamilton and Bambos Charalambous
Publication Date: 01 Jul 2013 • ISBN: 9781780404707
Pages: 112 • Paperback

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Ageing infrastructure and declining water resources are major concerns with a growing global population. Controlling water loss has therefore become a priority for water utilities around the world. In order to improve efficiencies, water utilities need to apply good practices in leak detection.
Leak Detection: Technology and Implementation assists water utilities with the development and implementation of leak detection programs. Leak detection and repair is one of the components of controlling water loss. In addition, techniques are discussed within this book and relevant case studies are presented. The book provides useful and practical information on leakage issues.

Table of Contents
Introduction; The Technology Matrices; Acoustic Principles; History of Acoustics; Leak Detection Technologies; Other Techniques; Optimization tools for leak location; Optimization Principle; System Evaluation; Field Data Process; Optimization Analysis; Post-optimization Analysis; Case Studies; Useful and practical information on leakage issues.

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Leak Detection: Technology and Implementation

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