Water Leak Detection Competition

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Water Leak Detection Competition

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Dear Colleagues,

Please find attached photo-announcement of the 6th Water Leak Detection Competition that will be held between 7-9 June 2013, in Bucharest, Romania. It will take place just before the "Danube-Black Sea Water Forum" which is also taking place in Bucharest, between 10-12 July (please find invitation attached).

It would be great to have one Active Leakage Control team from each country in the region at this competition. In addition, since there are some plans to have "qualifying" competitions in other countries, it would be very good to also have representatives from interested associations in Bucharest in June, so that we could fully synchronize similar activities at regional level for the 2014 competition (among other interesting topics). As far as I know such qualifying competitions are presently conducted within Romania and Bulgaria, and similar competitions are considered to be organized in Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina...

Please contact me if you are interested to translate photo-announcement to any other language. As an example please find announcement in Serbian with a question "Does Serbia have a team?" at following address: http://gwopa.org/engage-with-us/the-pipeline/photos/album?groupid=16&albumid=46. The plan is to upload there all pictures related to the competition.

Best regards,

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