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Ferret Technology!

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Ferret Technology!


I have recently been involved in a trail with the Ferret, and I must say, I'm impressed. When it comes to pinpointing customer side leaks on small diameter pipes, it could be the way forward.

The Ferret is an in-pipe tethered device that uses hydraulic not acoustic principles to locate leaks. The system comprises of a loose fitting plug (the Head) that is introduced into the pipeline via an existing access point such as a meter or valve pit, or directly into the exposed pipeline.
The Head is inflated with mains water pressure to block the pipeline. A separate stream of mains water (the Drive) is introduced behind the Head. The Head and Drive pressures are manipulated using the Ferret. Once the pressures are balanced the Head will move along the pipeline. When the Head passes a leak it stops automatically. The water loss through the leak is recorded by a flow sensor in the Ferret system, providing instantaneous quantification of the leak size.
A flexible umbilical cord attached to the Head contains a trace wire that allows the depth and position of the buried pipeline to be traced and the exact position of the Head / leak to be located accurately. The leak location process can be repeated to find any number of leaks in a pipeline. Up to fifty meters of pipeline can be surveyed from a single access point.

Have a look yourselves and please give some feedback
Ferret Technology ferret-technology.com
Detecting leaks on small-bore service pipelines is time consuming, costly and disruptive. Leaks are often small, rarely visible on the surface and make little or no noise. Identifying the exact location of leaks often requires...

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