Data accuracy

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Data accuracy

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Data accuracy

The most important part in attempt the exact location of a deficiency is the information that we have available about the route, material and pipe diameter.
In most cases these data are probabilistic -- presumably we have pipeline from...(material), a diameter pipeline of ... .... and go around here (if non-metallic material). If the following section that need to be correlated have occurred some repairs, replacement of pieces , such interventions are "top secret" and are known only by the person that had the misfortune to be at working at that time --- they must naturally be recorded in GIS map.
Let's suppose that all this information we can find on the field (there is a home where we can deduce the pipe material and diameter ) and appear another dilemma. In correlator memory are stored materials and spot diameter, which should we choose depending on the information we hold relating to the section. The dilemma consists in selecting something that does not exist (for example, we choose a connection DN 50 DN 63PH or DN 80? --- to choose 300 or 375 diameter> 400?) selecting something about what we know exist on the field.
In mostly cases the pipes wich have leakege are very old (100 years) and have a fairly thick layer of deposits. The correlations are usually manufactured in countries like: Germany, UK, etc., where the pressure is much higher than here.

All these issues are factors that have a negatively influence on the result.

The results we have after a correlation are highly dependent on the data accuracy.

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