Searchers of Water Losses

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Searchers of Water Losses

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"Searchers of water losses"

The efforts of our ensure company to a better standard of living for its members will reflect in the needs of modernization of existing water supply systems, and creation of new water supply systems in better conditions.

Because the materials efforts are very high and they can't be made in the short term, it is essential that what we have now to be kept in good working conditions until failure, to provide the means of modernization, expansion, rehabilitation and monitoring.

Eventually, why are we looking for water losses?

It is certainly is something that we do not like, water losses are expensive and can represent a danger. The control of water losses is a profession like any other, requires skills to use devices that are quite complex, the interpretation of obtained data, in one word is needed professionalism.

Why is it so important to find the water losses?

Water losses may occur in reservoirs in transport pipelines, especially in water distributions systems. Losses detection is an increasingly important component of water supply system. In the present drinking water is very rare and the water treatment, to make it drinkable, it is a costly process. It is desirable that water supply systems to be more efficient.

The water losses in the distribution network represent a waste, but they are inevitable . It is defined as NRW - water without income, but I think we can call it " the water that brings losses (financial losses, image losses, materials losses, etc.).

It is important to find water losses for:

- To reduce investment
- Reduce operating costs
- Reducing maintenance costs
- To offer a service and quality water
- Avoid harm of other utility owners
- Have no water waste

Factors that cause water losses are:
- Age and pipe networks
- Terms of network performance
- Soil component
- Water quality
- Hydraulic conditions from the network
- Ambient
- Density of valves and connections
- Temperature changes
- Stray currents

Locating of hidden water losses in water distribution networks are generally based on the location of noise from water flowing out through the gap pressure. During fault location, we can differentiate two phases of work, namely "prelocalization" and "exact localization" of them. By prelocalization section is precisely determined the leak by hearing directly accessible fittings, using sensitive microphones. The punctually location allows us to determinate the places where the losses are with electronic ear type devices.

To locate water losses in the distribution networks, we use the noise that comes with water pressure through the gap. The leakage lead to the generation of acoustic waves, which are worn on both the water column and the pipe walls. Acoustic waves are extending in the water column to both extremities.

As the waves are away from source, both become weaker. There is a point where the waves in the water column can not achieve material loss, the noise can not be charged. To all this we can add soil quality, its density, depth of pipe, pipe material, the water pressure in the network, pipeline diameter and other factors. The most important condition is that the material can be subjected to vibration. For metal pipes, they are no problems under normal conditions. Non-metallic materials are inert to the "sound" and transmit a very weak signal.

Because of these reasons we can not be precisely on how far you can hear the noise leak.

Noise factors that can disrupt the losses localization are:

- Traffic noise
- Noise caused by industry
- Pumps, water pumps
- Wind-noise
- water noise

In conclusion the introduction of methods of locate and reduce the water losses into the distribution networks can decrease the deficiency of water. It is very useful to provide crucial training for staff engaged in the process of water loss detection.

Benefits obtained by minimizing water losses:

-Reducing water production costs
-Reducing network operating costs
-Reducing damage to third parties
-providing a high quality service

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